Introduction to Street Workout



What is Street Workout ?

Street Workout, also known as Calisthenics, is a physical training used to develop and build strong muscles thanks to bodyweight exercises. This discipline requires nothing but something to hang on to, like bars, children’s playground, stairs, etc.

This physical activity is known to considerably increase strength, flexibility, endurance, agility and also coordination from basic exercices as push ups, pull ups, dips, squats, lunges to more advanced moves as muscle ups, handstands or pistol squats. Each exercice has different variants and level of difficulty which enables everyone to practice, man or woman, beginner or advanced, whatever the age.

Why bodyweight exercises ?

  • Firstly because it’s free. Street workout requires no particular equipment, you can build a strong and esthetic body with nothing more than a pull up bar and a pair of gloves. You may have probably heard about this sentence and you should definitely remember it : “Street is the new Gym”.
  • Training with no additional weight decreases risks of injuries. You are building muscles as cleanly as possible. That’s why your training and the moves that you learn can be used in everyday life. Remember: The fitter you are, the healthier.
  • Street workout is a full body discipline. Some moves require all parts of your body to work together so they all get stronger and stronger. Of course if you stick at “sets and reps” you should never skip legs day.
  • Advanced Street workout moves aim at building pure strength and when well executed are so impressive and good looking.

How to start Street workout ?

Street Workout or Calisthenics doesn’t require special skills, mainly at the very beginning. No matter if you are over or underweighted, small or tall, man or woman and over all, no matter your level, just start.

Check out the routine section to find the most adapted exercices depending on your level.


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